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Widely esteemed as one of the Triangle’s most prominent religious statesmen, the Rev. William E. Daye is the founder and pastor of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina.  Rev. Daye has served as the faithful and radiant leader of Peace since its inception in 1974.   He has carried the banner of Christ in tireless offerings of teaching and preaching throughout the state for nearly fifty years.
Rev. Daye, a native son of Durham, North Carolina, received his early education in the Durham County School System.  He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Virginia Seminary and College of Lynchburg, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Shaw University, and a Masters of Divinity degree from Southeastern Theological Seminary at Wake Forest.  In 1999, Rev. Daye proudly received the Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Apex School of Theology.  His commitment to academic excellence and constant pursuit of greater knowledge about God and humanity inspires and speaks to the lives of the broad range of people, young and old who hear him speak.
Rev. Daye received Christ and was converted in 1949.  As a youth he received his earliest religious training from devout parents and the influence of the historic Mt. Level Baptist Church in Durham.  While still a young man, in 1959 he yielded to the irrepressible call from God to the gospel ministry.  A precocious preacher, Rev. Daye passed ordination and assumed his first pastorate the very next year.  In July 1974, after having served seven previous churches, Rev. Daye founded Peace Missionary Baptist Church.  With the unwavering prayers and commitment of a handful who shared his vision, Peace found its footing fast in Durham and before long, grew from a handful to hundreds.  Throughout his years as the pastor of Peace, Reverend Daye has enjoyed God’s uncommon favor and Peace has benefited immeasurably from his faithfulness. He can be found Sunday after Sunday sharing his unquenchable thirst for Christian understanding. The architectural beauty of the current church building, Reverend Daye’s third successful construction effort, is but one symbol of his richly favored life and ministry.
Venerated by his peers and three generations of local clergy, Reverend Daye has nurtured scores of young preachers/pastors at Peace and has encouraged countless more who were not under his direct development.  With an extraordinary reputation for being always gracious, evenhanded, and enviably spry despite the many years of service to the Lord, Rev. Daye is, hands down, one of the Triangle’s most beloved pastors.  His longevity in the gospel ministry coupled with his love for God, family, and neighbor have made it abundantly clear to all that he is one of Christ’s special ambassadors.
Reverend Daye’s service extends beyond his dedication to Peace.  He is a member of the New Hope Baptist Association, the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Durham, and serves on the Board of Directors of the John Avery Boys Club of Durham.  He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Apex School of Theology.
For more than 55 years, Reverend Daye has been happily married to the former Nora Mitchell of Durham.  Equally beloved, Mrs. Daye’s humility, gentleness of spirit, and quiet but strong and enduring support of Rev. Daye’s labors have been the perfect complement to his forty-seven year ministry.  Truth told, Mrs. Daye’s sacrifices for Peace and for the greater cause of Christ which has occupied her husband’s days and nights for as long as she has known him have been every bit as significant as his.  With their four daughters, three sons-in law, and six precious grandchildren, Rev. and Mrs. Daye today serve as a model to Christian families throughout the world. 
"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."
Peace Missionary Baptist Church
2608 Apex Hwy. | Durham, NC 27713 | PH: (919) 598-9888; FAX: (919) 596-0390