5 Great Reasons for Students to Attend Church

5 Great Reasons for Students to Attend Church

When young adults leave high school and head to college, many are experiencing independence as a student for the first time. From learning how to cope without the familiar comforts of home to making mature decisions, a lot can change in a very brief period of time! 

The decisions that are made at this point in your life can be overwhelming, and also have major consequences on your education and future, overall. Choosing a church home is often no different — this decision can also be difficult and overwhelming.

Read on to discover factors you should consider as a student in choosing your church home, and discover the benefits of becoming a member at Peace Missionary Baptist Church.


Make New Friends: You can develop life-long friends with mutual interests at church. When you attend regularly and belong to various ministries, it’s easy to make friends that share the same beliefs and values.

Attend Social Events: Another avenue to make new friends are church social events! Whether it is participating in Sunday school, bible study, a baby shower or breakfast for students  – the opportunities are there to participate in events with friends and other church members are endless!

Make a Difference in Your Local Community: One of the biggest benefits of church membership is that it provides opportunities to help others and make a difference. Volunteer opportunities are available at Peace, and these opportunities provide the system and structure to serve or support a cause. 

Better Yourself: We’re all on a journey to improve ourselves as Christians, mind, body and soul. Our members often find that attending church can foster spiritual development and growth, among other benefits. 


Develop a Sense of Community: Social media has made us a bit less social, ironically. Belonging to a church like Peace Missionary Baptist provides interactions with other people in your age group and creates a social community.

Tell Us: What’s your favorite benefit of attending church, and why?

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