Men’s Health Month: 5 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health 

Men’s Health Month: 5 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health 

This month at Peace Missionary Baptist Church, we proudly celebrate the men in our congregation, as well as in our local communities. With Father’s Day and Men’s Day worship celebrations, June has been commemorative and joyous time for our church family.

In honor of our Men’s Month festivities, we celebrate June as Men’s Health Month, too. Read on to discover five simple ways you and/or the male figures in your life can benefit from positive actions and activities to become closer to God.

Listen to music that creates space in your heart for Christ. Though gospel music is an obvious choice for a genre that opens up our heart to Him, we’re living in an era where gospel takes on many forms to appeal to many people. So, whether you enjoy rap, soul or country, there are a variety of musical acts you can follow to get closer to Christ.

Dedicate an hour of each week to Christ. We often don’t realize how much free time we have on weekends, or during weekdays, dependent on your schedule. Try dedicating up to one hour each week of free time to spiritual education. This could be a television show, movie or book that teaches about Christ – switch it up!

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Take a moment to be grateful for all that He has given you. All this requires is a moment of self-reflection. Too often we take for granted the wonders that God has worked in our life, and fail to remind ourselves of his mercy. Consider asking yourself questions about how He has helped, healed and manifested blessings in your life.

Create a Christ-centered routine for each day. As an alternative (or in addition) to the hour spent each week dedicated to Christ, try 10 to 15 minutes of devotion at the start or end of your day. This could be as simple as saying a prayer at night, starting your day with positive affirmations or reading a brief Bible passage during lunch.

Tell Us: What do you do to maintain your relationship with God, and also improve your spiritual health?